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FAUSTINO ALONZO, Owner/ Head Coach


Faustino is dedicated to lifelong learning in the fields of exercise and nutrition. He has a passion for helping others and a niche for accomplishing goals. He served 12 years in the finest fighting force in the world, the United States Marine Corps. He held the rank of Sergeant and served as a Martial Arts Instructor Trainer, Black Belt First Degree; establishing himself as a leader of Marines. Faustino started training in CrossFit after his wife Melissa introduced him to it in 2013. He loves the CrossFit program and methodology because it promotes overall physical and mental wellbeing. 


What to expect: When attending Faustino’s class expect loud music (his hearing is not that great, thanks to the Taliban), lots of core work, one-on-one support when starting the program, lots of compassion, understanding and encouragement. He will motivate and push you beyond on your mental limits. 

Faustino’s favorite quote: “Don’t compare your start to someone’s middle."

Faustino’s favorite CrossFit movement: Burpees


Other Certifications:

  • Lockhart and Leith Nutrition and Weight Cut Specialist

  • Martial Arts Instructor Trainer Black Belt First Degree 

  • BS Health and Human Performance, George Fox University



Melissa was introduced to CrossFit in 2011 while stationed at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA. Melissa has a passion for helping others reach their goals and set new ones. Her deep understanding of how the body works stems from her 8 years serving as a Hospital Corpsman Second Class in the United States Navy. There is where she learned practical application skills that exemplify her knowledge and set her above a regular trainer. Melissa strongly believes the exercise can strengthen the body, mind and spirit. She is passionate about how the body moves and strives for proper body mechanics and form vs. load.


What to expect: When attending Melissa’s class expect structure, a variety of music genres, and lots of safety briefs and encouragement.


Melissa’s favorite quote: “Safety is sexy.”


Melissa’s Favorite CrossFit movement: Snatch, Back squat, and Thrusters


Other Certifications:

  • USA Weightlifting

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